Tube Bending

W.C. Precision’s state of the art Tube Bending Center offers the most advanced features in the industry allowing us to deliver superior products, part quality, reliability, and overall productivity. We’re geared for and capable of meeting our customer’s most demanding specifications with precision accuracy and cost effectiveness.

Our Eaton Leanord’s Tube Data Center is equipoped with Vector 1 Laservision Optima. Our Quality analysis parallels production allowing a seamless closed loop as well as highly accurate tube, pipe and wire measurements. With a direct link to our bending center, the onscreen user interface displays 3D Graphic Inspection Reports during production that indicate any out-of-tolerance conditions and then prompts self correcting capabilities that further enhance our quality assurance process.

Tube Bending Proficiency offering:

  • Cutting edge CNC tech, interface.
  • Patented parallel link-driven bend arm for enhanced reliability (held by Eaton Leanord).
  • Certified/Highly-trained operators and inspectors.
  • Enhanced production speed allowing quick change-over, minimal down time and most importantly, on time deliver.

CNC Tube Bending Capabilities:

  • outer diameter .250″ – 1.250″


A full range of material can be machined including but not limited to the following: Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Titanium, Inconel. W.C. Precision can manufacture and bend product using 3D Models. W.C. Precision can sample rarts by laser scanning samples provided by the customer to create coordinated date or “bend geometry” to reproduce the part. W.C. Precision can offer XYZ Coordinated Date or LRA via datafile transfer.

Prototype Policy:

W.C. Precision offers a prototype service to assist in product design evaluation and aid in verifying manufacturing capabilities.